Missions, Values, Visions, Goals

As a law enforcement agency, the University of Florida Police Department is guided by an established set of fundamental values. Through the adherence of these values, the members of the department can work toward successful completion of the department’s mission and subsequently achieve the department’s annual goal. Due to the importance of these values, mission and goal, we have included them within our web site as a reminder to the community we proudly serve.


The mission of the University of Florida Police Department is to preserve a safe, secure campus environment where diverse social, cultural and academic values are allowed to develop and prosper through a combination of reactive, proactive and educational law enforcement services.


Justice: All department members are committed to the administration of law and order based on the constitutional idea of justice for all where every citizen will be treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

Professionalism: All department members will display attitudes, actions and behaviors that result in serving the highest interests of the campus community above their own.

Trust: All department members will conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the university community by exercising wisdom, compassion and commitment to honesty and justice.

Service: As members of a law enforcement agency, we recognize that we are servants of the public. As such, we are duty bound to the highest level of community service in the protection of life and property.

Integrity: All department members are expected to espouse the highest moral standards, always conducting themselves in a manner that is fair, ethical, legal and that portrays a sense of duty and honor.


The vision of the University of Florida Police Department is to be the national model in the field of campus law enforcement through the selection and development of the highest caliber personnel and by providing innovative police services.


Toward the attainment of this vision, the University of Florida Police Department sets as its goals:
I. The recruitment, selection, training, and fitness of competent police officers.
II. The efficient and effective deployment of law enforcement personnel and services.
III. The development, implementation, and deployment of specialized services and community based programming.

By accomplishing these goals, we are confident we can meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of the community as they relate to police services.