Employment Disqualification

The University of Florida Police Department highly recommends that ALL interested applicants that wish to apply for a position as a law enforcement officer or any other security-related position within the University of Florida Police Department MUST read over the list of the disqualifiers BEFORE applying for a job.

Please note: The following situations will DISQUALIFY you as an applicant. To read the full disqualifier description please click on each disqualifier title.

Illegal Drug Use / Experimentation

An applicant must NOT have:

  • Used, possessed, bought, or experimented with marijuana within the past 12 months. Applicants who have limited experimental use of marijuana more than one (1) year ago may be considered for employment.
  • Used, possessed, bought, sold, or experimented with any illegal drug/controlled substance, other than marijuana, in the past five (5) years. Applicants who have limited experimental use more than 5 years ago may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Sold or delivered any illegal drug/controlled substance at any time.

Arrest / Criminal History

Must be of good moral character, have no felony conviction or misdemeanor convictions involving moral character, or false statements. An applicant who has plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) to, or has been found guilty of any felony or guilty of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement, is NOT eligible for employment even if the sentence was suspended or adjudication was withheld by the judge.

Driving History

During the three (3) years prior to application, an applicant must NOT have accumulated more than 12 points on their driver’s license, or have a driving record that reflects repeated offenses and a flagrant disregard for traffic laws.

During the 5 years prior to application, an applicant must NOT have had:

  • Their driver’s license suspended more than twice for either nonpayment of insurance, or for nonpayment of traffic fines
  • Their driver’s license suspended or revoked more than twice for traffic violations
  • A conviction of, or pled to, “Fleeing or Attempting to Elude” a law enforcement officer
  • A conviction of, or pled to, “Driving Under the Influence”

Military History

An applicant who has served in the armed forces, MUST NOT have received a Dishonorable Discharge. Applicant must be able to provide a copy of their discharge certificate and DD Form 214 indicating the character of, and reason for, discharge.

Tattoos / Body Ornamentation

Applicants who have Tattoos/Body Ornamentation’s on the hands , fingers, knuckles, head/neck area to include eyes, scalp, face and neck above the collar bone in the front or the first cervical vertebrae in the back which is visible due to an open collar shirt or uniform, will NOT be considered for further processing.

Applicants who have split/forked tongues, foreign objects inserted under the skin to create a design or pattern, enlarged or stretched out holes in the ears, visible facial piercings or intentional scarring such as abnormal shaping of the eyes, ears or nose will be disqualified from the hiring process.

Contact lenses of an unnatural color (red, orange, etc.) or of a graphic design of any kind, are prohibited

Social Media / Networking Sites

Applicants who subscribe to social media/networking sites are required to provide the University of Florida Police Department access to these site(s) by accepting our Agency requests to view your profiles, postings and any other information we deem to be appropriate in determining your character background.