CSA Training Video


As a Campus Security Authority (CSA), your role is crucial to the effective and accurate reporting of criminal incidents that occur on the campus, adjoining public property, or other properties owned, controlled, or leased by the University of Florida. We recognize that as a CSA, you are not law enforcement or security personnel. This training video is designed to better facilitate your understanding of CSA requirements and answer questions you may have. We have also provided the written script for this training video.

If you are designated as a UF CSA, our request is that once you become aware of any criminal incident that occurs on the aforementioned locations, you report the incident to the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD) as quickly as possible at UPDCSA@ufl.edu or calling 352.494.6068. Upon notification, our officials will review the incident with you, ensure it is properly documented, and take whatever appropriate action may be required should it be deemed necessary.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your role as a University of Florida CSA, please contact Major Brad Barber at (352)273-3309 or email at wbarber@ufl.edu.

Office of Clery Act Compliance

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