Welcome Back Spring 2021

Welcome back Gators!

We are excited to welcome new and returning students, faculty and staff to the University of Florida for the Spring 2021 semester. This year continues to be a unique year in your academic career, and we wanted to share a few crime prevention tips and information as you return to campus. These are based on crime trends UFPD has identified, along with ways you can keep yourself, your belongings, and your fellow Gators safe. As always, we are ready to respond to any situation and are open to partnering with you to provide relevant safety programming.

Additionally, we ask that all Gators follow the UF Masking and Physical Distancing policy by wearing masks or face coverings and practice physical distancing #GatorsWearMasks

Lastly, if you ever feel unsafe, need to report suspicious or criminal behavior, or need our assistance – don’t hesitate to call us at 911 or (352)392-1111 (non-emergency).

Stay safe Gators and have a great year!

Crime Prevention Tips

Bicycle Safety 

  • Lock your bicycle to a bike rack with a “U-Bolt lock”
  • Register your bicycle with UFPD by either stopping by our Front Desk or asking an officer on-campus for assistance
  • Wear a helmet if you are operating a bicycle or a scooter

Motor Vehicle Safety

  • After parking your vehicle, make sure to secure your vehicle and remove the spare key/valet key from the vehicle
  • Remove all valuable items from visible areas and secure them either in the trunk or take them with you, especially if you are using a valet service
  • If you own a scooter, before leaving the area on a scooter confirm it is yours

Look at the license plate or look for any distinguishing feature like stickers, damage, or scooter contents

Sexual Violence

If you experience sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, know that you are not alone and UF is here to support you.

There are many partners at UF who can provide you assistance whether it is immediately after an incident, when you don’t know what resources you need, or you are navigating the criminal justice system or the Title IX grievance process.

A list of our closest partners can be found at the end of this page and the “Resources” button below will take you to a list of all of the resources offered at the Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Lake Nona campuses along with National Resources.

If you would like to report sexual violence or any criminal activity, the “Report to UFPD – Silent Witness” and “Report to Title IX” buttons will take you directly to the reporting forms.


Report to UFPD – Silent Witness

Report to Title IX


As the University of Florida uses the UF Alert system to notify the campus community of immediate emergencies or ongoing threats, it is imperative that the contact information in your one.ufl.edu account is correct and up to date. These messages provide important information to keep you and your fellow Gators safe so please follow any and all instructions given.



GatorSAFE App

Public Safety offers an app, available for download in the iOS and Android App Store

  • You can call UFPD directly from the App
  • You can “walk” with a friend and report a tip to UFPD
  • The app is constantly updated with campus maps, a flashlight, and the latest information on COVID-19, hurricane safety, and UF Alerts
  • You can also access information from UF U Matter, We Care



University of Florida Police Department
Museum Road and Newell Drive
(352)392-1111 (V/TDD)

UFPD Office of Victim Services
Museum Road and Newell Drive
(352)392-5648 (M-F, 8AM-5PM)
or (352)392-1111 (after business hours and on weekends)

Office of Title IX
Russell Froman
427 Yon Hall
1908 Stadium Road
P.O. Box 112085

Care Team
Peabody Hall, 3rd Level

University Counseling and Wellness Center
3190 Radio Road

The University of Florida Student Health Care Center
1 Fletcher Drive