How to Become Certified

A First Responder (FR) or Emergency First Responder (EMR) is the minimum certification needed to join GEMRU.

There are two ways to become certified with an FR or EMR on UF campus:

A. EMS1055 – EMR certification

The University of Florida offers an EMR course through the school of construction management. This is a 3 credit course offered during the Fall, Spring, and Summer C semesters. The course code is EMS1055 and you can register on ONE.UF. More information can be found on their website:

B. First Responder Gator (FRG) – FR certification

You can obtain a FR certification through First Responder Gator (FRG). This course offers a 10 week program every Fall, Spring, and Summer with weekly lectures and labs. The classes are located on UF campus in the evenings. More information can be found on their website: