Spring 2022 GEMRU Application Link

(Due 1/9 by 11:59pm)


About Us

Our History

GEMRU was established in 2015 as a volunteer medical response unit on the University of Florida campus. We are an entity of the University Police Department and therefore a division of Public Safety.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the safety and medical well-being of everyone we encounter at the highest standards possible. GEMRU Responders serve the UF community by providing medical standby services at official university events and student organization activities.


Standard Operating Procedures

Updated each semester, the GEMRU SOPs describe how our organization functions. They contain day-to-day operations, administrative policies, and responder requirements.

Medical Care Protocols

The GEMRU medical protocol manual is written to direct our patient care in the field. All protocols have been approved by the GEMRU Medical Director. These protocols act as Standing Orders.

Records Request Form

Patients must fill out this form and follow the included instructions to obtain a copy of their records from GEMRU. All of our records are stored and managed securely in accordance with HIPAA standards.

Health Exposure Plan

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) manages this program through the Biological Safety Office. Each January, EH&S sends program materials and instructions to department chairs and directors of groups identified as having employees with occupational exposure. These materials provide instructions and information necessary to achieve annual training compliance.



Due to recent changes, Event Standby Request will no longer be a form on this website. In order to request GEMRU for your event, you must send your request through the University Police Department to Sergeant Silver at

Any other questions, comments, or concerns can be sent via email to