UFPD Campus Advisory Committee

Mission and Objective

To provide campus community perspectives to the Chief of the UF Police Department on significant police-campus community relationship issues, as well as on incidents involving serious allegations of use of excessive force, violation of civil liberties, or violation of law or use of force policy by members of the UF Police Department. It is the expectation of the members of the Campus Advisory Committee that they be honest, ask questions, be open-minded, and share their perspective as a representative of their particular position.

Membership (8 Members):
  • Police Chief, Chair;
  • Current Chair and Immediate Past Chair of the UF Faculty Senate;
  • President of UF Student Government, or designee;
  • One faculty at-large member appointed for a 2-year term by the UF President from nominations by the Chair of the UF Faculty Senate serving at the time of nomination;
  • Two student at-large members, each appointed for a 2-year term by the UF President from nominations received for one member from the President of Inter Residence Hall Association serving at the time of nomination and for the second member from the President of Student Government serving at such time;
  • One administrative staff member appointed for a 2-year term by the UF President from nominations by the President’s Cabinet.

Two-year terms are renewable.  The initial term of the committee’s inaugural faculty at large member and of one inaugural student at large member may be 3 years to stagger faculty and student at-large members’ terms so only one will be new yearly.

Process and Training:

The Committee will be convened when and as needed to advise the UF Police Chief, as determined by the Chief or upon request of five or more members of the Committee.  Frequent unexcused absences may be a cause for removal and appointment of others to fill out a member’s term.

The Committee may meet if needed to review Internal Affairs Reports on subjects within its mission, after completion and acceptance by the Police Chief.  The Committee may advise the Police Chief on UF campus questions and concerns upon the occurrence of a significant incident within its mission.  In accordance with Florida law (the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights), the Committee will not participate in the Police Internal Affairs or disciplinary process.

All Committee members will annually participate in a police ride-along, receive a briefing on the Chief’s annual report to the Faculty and Student Senates, and attend group training on:

  • Law Enforcement Bill of Rights – UFPD Internal Affairs Process
  • Community Policing – Use of Force Matrix/Standards
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment – Baker Act/Mental Illness and Policing
  • Hiring and Performance Standards – Civil Rights (including 1st) and High Liability Areas

The Police Chief may designate advisors and support for the Committee from UF employees and outside experts if needed.  The UF Office of VP and General Counsel will provide legal advice to the Committee if needed.

Meeting Information
The next meeting will take place on August 3rd, 2022 at 1 PM. If you would like to attend please send an email to Captain Simmons, latrellsimmons@ufl.edu to request an invite.
Agendas & Topics of Discussion
Click the button below to access prior agendas, meeting minutes, and topics of discussion within the folder labeled UFPD Campus Advisory Committee

Agendas & Topics of Discussion