Citizen Complaint Process

The University of Florida Police Department strives to meet the needs and concerns of all individuals having contact with UFPD personnel. If you feel you have been treated inappropriately by an employee of UFPD, or you are dissatisfied with the quality of service provided by our agency, I encourage you to file a formal complaint. I will see that a complete and thorough investigation of your complaint is conducted in a timely manner. I Want To Know!

Chief Linda J. Stump
Assistant Vice President of Public Safety

The Complaint Process

  1. If you wish to file a complaint with the University of Florida Police Department, please call (352)392-2111 or stop by the UFPD, located at the corner of Museum Road and Newell Drive.
  2. When you arrive, any supervisor can assist you. The supervisor will speak with you to discuss your concerns and will assist in filing a complaint.
  3. We will provide you with a Citizen Complaint Form. Upon completion, the form will be forwarded directly to Chief Linda Stump.
  4. Chief Stump will review your complaint and determine what type of investigation will be conducted. You will receive a written letter acknowledging the department’s receipt of your complaint, and the initiation of the formal investigation inquiry.
  5. Our review of your complaint will include all available and pertinent information to the allegation. This will be compiled into a formal report.
  6. The completed investigation of the complaint will then be forwarded to Chief Stump for final review and disposition. Complaint allegations will be given one of the following dispositions upon completion of the investigation:
    1. Proper Conduct (Exonerated): Allegation unsubstantiated. The act or incident did occur, but actions were justified, lawful, and/or proper.
    2. Improper Conduct (Sustained): Allegation substantiated. The act or incident did occur, and was inconsistent with policy or law.
    3. Insufficient Evidence (Not Sustained): Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the complaint or incident.
    4. Unfounded Complaint: Allegation demonstrably false or lacks credible evidence.
    5. Not Involved: Alleged subject of the complaint was not involved.
    6. Policy Failure: The act or incident did occur, but no policy exists that addresses conduct of this nature.

Once an investigation is complete, the complainant is notified in writing of the disposition of all complaint allegations. The complaint and associated investigation then become a matter of public record.

As mandated by Florida State Statute 112.533(3), all information obtained pursuant to a department’s internal investigation of a complaint filed against a police officer is confidential until such investigation is concluded or becomes inactive.

Citizen Complaint Form