Bicycle Registration & Safety

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Due to social distancing, you may register your bicycle through the Operation Identification form. Please note that you will still need to come to UFPD Monday-Friday between 8AM-4PM to complete the registration and pick up your sticker.

Bicycle registration is a popular program that is designed to deter bike thefts on campus. This service is available to University of Florida students, staff, faculty, and their family members. The bicycle registration process includes affixing a reflective, numbered decal to a bicycle and recording the information about the owner and the bicycle for retrieval in the event the bicycle is stolen. Bicycle registrations must be done in person by bringing your bicycle and your ID to the UFPD Information Desk/Front Desk (open every day from 8AM-4PM) or by any UFPD officer on campus. We are located at the corner of Museum Road and Newell Drive. Also look for us at various locations throughout campus doing Bike Registration events

Participation in bicycle registration is voluntary but may be a deterrent to bicycle theft. Additionally, if you need to get your bicycle lock cut, or to claim your bicycle, this registration will serve as proof of ownership. Registration of your bicycle also allows us the ability to contact you should we find your bicycle abandoned, or if your bicycle needs to be removed from a bicycle rack due to construction.

Bicycling is populer mode of transportation on campus and a great way to get exercise while seeing the campus. Make sure you stay safe and know the rules of the road by reading Bicycles Are Vehicles Brochure before you hit the road. The Community Services Division also has bicycle helmets (adults and children) and lights (subject to availability) to help keep our Gators safe. Stop by our office to pick up safety information and safety gear.

Please contact the Community Services Division at 352-392-1409, or Contact UPD via email for additional information or questions.