Victim Services Presentations

If you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization, please call the Office of Victim Services or contact us online using our Inquiries & Registration form.

If you have another topic of interest not listed below, we do have additional presentation material available.

Sexual Battery (Rape)
This presentation will look at the legal definition of sexual battery in the state of Florida. Legal issues will be explored regarding reporting and prosecution of sexual battery, as well as what is involved in the sexual battery medical exam and evidence collection. This presentation will also explore the myths and realities regarding sexual battery as well as the different types of rape: date/acquaintance rape, stranger rape, marital rape, incest, and child sexual abuse. The primary focus of this presentation is prevention and awareness of this issue.
Date/Acquaintance Rape
This presentation will focus more closely on the most under reported, yet most prevalent, type of rape. Definitions and discussions regarding poor communication verses criminal behavior will be focused on during this presentation. This presentation is a very open and honest discussion regarding this topic.

The goal of this presentation is to make the audience more aware of the consequences of rape to not only the victims of date/acquaintance rape, but to the perpetrators as well.

Date Rape Drugs
This presentation will look at the phenomenon known as “date rape drugs.” Date rape drugs have afflicted college campuses for the past few decades. This presentation will focus on the use of drugs and alcohol as a weapon used to commit rape.

The goal of this presentation is to promote awareness and prevention of becoming a victim of this type of drugging.

Relationship Violence
This presentation will focus on the definition of domestic/relationship violence and its prevalence on the University of Florida campus, the state of Florida, and the nation. This presentation will focus on both the physical and the emotional components of relationship violence as well as the relationship between behavior and the “cycle of violence.”

It will ask the audience to participate in the discussion in order that we may have a better understanding of what behaviors are appropriate and which are inappropriate. This presentation will also look at the legal issues regarding domestic/relationship violence, pro-arrest policies, and “injunctions for protections” (restraining orders).

An estimated 200,000 people a year are stalked in the United States, and it is predicted that 1 in 20 American women will become victims of stalking at some time in their lives. This presentation will focus on the legal definition of stalking in the state of Florida, and its prevalence at UF.

Typical behaviors associated with stalkers will be discussed as well as steps you can take if you are being stalked and how to possibly avoid potential stalkers.

The relationship between relationship/domestic violence and stalking will also be addressed in this presentation.