Officer In-Service Training

The officers with the University of Florida Police Department are continuously trained and updated on the latest techniques and strategies in law enforcement. Through this in-depth training, the University of Florida Police Department strives to provide the finest security and protection to everyone within the university community.

The department’s training mission is accomplished by making sure the officers receive the highest degree of training in a variety of required and recommended disciplines. Officer training, retraining, certification, and qualification is provided by over 20 different professionals employed as officers or investigators. The training of officers is a team effort that requires many hours of dedication by the trainee and the trainer.

University of Florida Police Officers receive mandatory training, retraining, qualification, and re-qualification on firearms, expandable baton, and OC pepper spray. All officers are trained in defensive tactics and the latest techniques of non-lethal use of force. Defensive tactics training also incorporates empty hand training and the use of communication skills in order to obtain the de-escalation of physical and nonphysical conflicts. Officers also receive precision driving training to ensure that each officer is highly skilled in defensive driving techniques.

It is well known that police officers are almost always the first to arrive on the scene of an accident or other personal injury. Accordingly, the university police officers are thoroughly trained in first responder and CPR techniques recommended by the American Heart Association. In an effort to better enhance the life saving capabilities of our officers who arrive on the scene of these situations, the department has trained all of its officers on the use of the LifePak 500 defibrillator. Through the use of this device, the officer can greatly increase the victim’s possibility of successfully surviving a heart attack.