How to File a Report

Reporting to the Police

The goal of the Police Department is to ensure safety. Even if you are unsure if a crime has occurred, you may still speak with an officer to determine options available in making a report. You can document an incident, without pressing charges, to ensure safety planning and track for future incidences. You will be asked to share details of the event such as: location and what took place. If you’re unsure of speaking with an officer, a victim advocate can be requested.

On Campus

University of Florida Police Department

1555 Museum Rd

Gainesville, FL, 32611


Off Campus

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office

2621 SE Hawthorne Rd

Gainesville, FL 32644


Gainesville Police Department

413 NW 8th Ave

Gainesville, FL 32601


Reporting to the University (Title IX)

To file a report directly to the Title IX Coordinator:

Title IX Reporting Form:

Title IX Website:

A Victim Advocate can assist you with either reporting option. Contact a Victim Advocate at 352-392-5648 or e-mail