Professional Standards

Office of Professional Standards

This Office provides fact-finding assistance to the Chief of Police and her staff through a systematic, objective and impartial method of investigating concerns regarding employee misconduct. For those who wish to make a complaint, please use the following survey and submit it to the University of Florida Police Department here: Customer Service Form.

The Lieutenant or designated internal affairs officer assigned to the Internal Affairs function is responsible for conducting investigations arising from allegations of employee misconduct or lack of performance, criminal investigations, use of deadly force incidents, and any matter as directed by the Chief of Police. All complaints received against UFPD or any employee will be documented, investigated and resolved by established procedures.

Complaint Disposition:
When the investigation or inquiry is completed, the employee in charge of the investigation shall classify his/her findings as follows:

  • Proper Conduct (Exonerated): Allegation unsubstantiated. The act or incident did occur, but the actions were justified, lawful and/or proper.
  • Improper Conduct (Sustained): Allegation substantiated. The act or incident did occur, and was inconsistent with policy or law.
  • Insufficient Evidence (Not Sustained): Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the complaint or incident.
  • Unfounded Complaint: Allegation demonstrably false or lacks credible evidence.
  • Not Involved: Alleged subject of the complaint was not involved.
  • Policy Failure: The act or incident did occur, but no policy exists that addresses conduct of this nature.

The complainant and the affected member(s) shall be notified separately by letter from the Chief that the inquiry or investigation has been completed and informed regarding the results of the investigation.

Contact Information

If you wish to contact the Office of Professional Standards, please feel free call (352) 392-9584 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (except on university or national holidays) or write to the following address:

The University of Florida Police Department
Office of Professional Standards
ATTN: Sgt. Kyle Peterson
Building 1132, Museum Road
P.O. Box 112150
Gainesville, FL 32611-2150
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